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Learn how 3M Display Solutions work, and how they help you create more jaw-dropping TVs, laptops, and mobile devices.


Display Optics Library

Dive into the optical physics behind 3M Display Solutions with this ever-growing collection of articles, papers, and videos—many of them written and presented by the 3M scientists who created our amazing display solutions technology.

Display Optics 101 Video Series

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    Are you new to the micro-world of display optics? Or just need a refresher? These short videos will teach you about display technologies, backlights, touch panels, and how our display films enhance brightness, viewing angle, color, and more.

Innovations in energy efficiency

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    3M Display Solutions make a huge impact on the sustainability of consumer electronics. Our boundary-pushing display technology enables electronic display designs that are eco-friendly without sacrificing quality. This means superior, more cost-effective products that are more energy efficient.

Free app: Configure your ideal film stack

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    How bright and thin can you make a smartphone display? Now you can find out! Download the free 3M Display Solutions Max Design app and start exploring what you can achieve by configuring different film stacks. App runs on Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) only.

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