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  • 台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造股份有限公司(下稱「台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造」)與台灣明尼蘇達醫療産品股份有限公司(下稱「台灣明尼蘇達醫療産品」)分别於2023年6月30日經其單一董事同意,由台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造所經營之有關醫療保健報告部門之營業、營運及活動(Healthcare Business)(下稱「醫療保健業務」),將自分割基凖日(暫定於2023年11月1日,下稱「分割基凖日」)起,依企業併購法規定之法定分割程序移轉予台灣明尼蘇達醫療産品,業由台灣明尼蘇達醫療産品於分割基準日發行新股予台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造之股東,作為取得醫療保健業務之對價(下稱「本分割案」)。
  • 自分割基凖日起,台灣明尼蘇達醫療產品將依照其與台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造共同簽署之Spin-offAgreement(分割契約)之約定,取得及承受台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造截至分割基凖日、與醫療保健業務相關之資產、營業、權利、義務及員工,以繼續管理及營運醫療保健業務。
  • 於分割基凖日,台灣明尼蘇達礦業製造之實收資本额將由新台幣450,000,000元滅少至新台幣$388,740,000元,銷除已發行股份6,126,000股,每股面额新台幣10元 。
  • 謹依企業併購法及公司法之規定公告如上,凡雙方公司之債權人如對本分割案或減資案有異議,請於本公告發布之日起30日内以書面提出,特此公告。


董事長: Aigul Temirova



董事長: Maria Elisabeth Mollemans



3M Taiwan Limited and 3M Healthcare Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
  • 3M Taiwan Limited("3M Taiwan") and 3M Healthcare Taiwan Co., Ltd.("Galaxy Taiwan"), with the approval of each company's sole director on June 30,2023, have agreed that 3M Taiwan shall spin off and transfer its businesses, operations and activities of the Health Care reporting segment ("Healthcare Business") to Galaxy Taiwan, effective on the spin-off record date (tentatively November 1, 2023, the "Spin-off Record Date"), by way of a statutory spin-off under the Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act, in consideration for Galaxy Taiwan issuing new shares to the shareholder of 3M Taiwan ("Spin-off").
  • As from the Spin-off Record Date, Galaxy Taiwan will, pursuant to the terms and conditions as set forth in the Spin-off Agreement entered into by 3M Taiwan and Galaxy Taiwan, acquire and assume assets, businesses, rights, liabilities and employees pertaining to the Healthcare Business, so as to continue managing and operating the Healthcare Business.
  • On the Spin-off Record Date, the paid-in capital of 3M Taiwan will be reduced from NT$450,000,000 to NT$388,740,000, cancelling 6,126,000 shares with a par value of NT$10.
  • This announcement is made pursuant to the Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act and the Company Act. Any creditor of 3M Taiwan or Galaxy Taiwan who objects to the Spin-off or the capital reduction shall submit the objection in writing within 30 days from the date of this announcement, respectively.

3M Taiwan Limited

Chairperson: Aigul Temirova

Address: 3F-5F& 7F, No. 198, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist,TaiPei City, Taiwan

3M Healthcare Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Chairperson: Maria Elisabeth Mollemans

Address: 7F., 7F- 1 and 7F-2,No. 198, Jingmao 2nd Rd.,Nangang Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan

Date: Sep.27,2023