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    可視隱私顧問委員會( Visual Privacy Advisory Council)由資料保護與防窺專家們組成,主要的目的在於提升人們對於資料防窺保護的意識,並提供最佳實務範例以減少企業主的潛在損失。


  • Dr. Larry Ponemon

    Dr. Larry Ponemon


    簡歷: Dr. Larry Ponemon1 is the Chairman and Founder of Ponemon Institute, a research "think tank" dedicated to advancing privacy and data protection practices. Ponemon is considered a pioneer in privacy auditing and the Responsible Information Management or RIM framework.

    Why I'm part of VPAC: I enjoy surrounding myself with the type of thought-leaders that make up the rest of the council. It makes me proud to be a part of VPAC - the go-to organization for professionals seeking sound, relevant material on visual privacy.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。

  • Dan Burks

    Dan Burks

    簡歷:Dan Burks1 has had an extensive background in the financial services industry, which includes 30 years of experience in privacy, risk management, business technology design and financial systems integration. As the CPO for U.S. Bank, Burks leads a team responsible for safeguarding all customer information. In a survey published annually by Ponemon Institute, U.S. Bank has been ranked the “Most Trusted Bank” in consumer privacy protection for seven consecutive years.

    Why I'm part of VPAC: Because VPAC makes a positive difference. I'm a believer in the importance of having this independent organization fighting the good fight in the name of privacy protection.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。

  • Mari Frank

    Mari Frank, Esq., CIPP 律師事務所

    公司名稱:Mari J. Frank Esq. & Associates
    職稱: Attorney/Mediator and Privacy Consultant/Expert

    簡歷: Mari Frank1 is the author of the “Identity Theft Survival Kit”, “Safe Guard Your Identity”, “From Victim to Victor”, and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recovering from Identity Theft”. Since 2005 she has been the radio host of Privacy Piracy, a weekly radio show on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine, CA and kuci.org that deals with issues of privacy in the information age. She consults with companies on privacy issues and also mediates privacy disputes so that the parties can resolve their privacy/technology disputes privately and confidentially without a court battle. 

    Why I'm part of VPAC: VPAC is a think tank made up of brilliant people. Each brings a unique and valuable perspective to the table. As we collaborate as VPAC members, we gain new insights and focus on creative solutions for greater privacy protection.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。

  • Patricia Titus

    Patricia Titus

    職稱:VP & CISO

    簡歷:With over 20 years of security management in several vertical markets Patricia Titus has been responsible for designing and implementing robust information security programs ensuring the continued protection of sensitive corporate, customer and personal information in her various positions.

    Titus is currently the Chief Information Security Officer at Markel Corporation and is instrumental in the protection and integrity of Markel’s information assets while transforming the information security program.

    An author of several cyber security articles, Titus remains active on the InfoSecurity Magazine editorial board.

    Why I’m part of VPAC: We live in an age of evolving technologies and evolving threats. Having a group of leaders from different industries and perspectives join together to help spread awareness of visual hacking and other threats is absolutely vital.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。

  • John Brenberg

    John Brenberg

    職稱:經理, 資訊安全暨法規遵循部門

    簡歷: John Brenberg has over 30 years experience spanning new product information, system development, infrastructure management and information security and compliance across multiple business segments and processes. He is responsible for leading the IT programs for information security, compliance and risk, all for the protection of company and customer information and critical business processes. Brenberg credits his success to his many strong internal partnerships across intellectual property, privacy, compliance and systems management. 

    Why I'm part of VPAC: Being on the council is a great opportunity to gain perspective from peers. I place high value in convening with like-minded professionals, all helping to bring credibility to the cause of visual privacy and protecting against visual hacking.

  • Kate Borten

    Kate Borten

    公司名稱:The Marblehead Group

    簡歷: Kate Borten1, founder of The Marblehead Group consultancy, brings expertise in security privacy, and health IT from over 20 years inside the healthcare industry, including establishing security programs at Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/CareGroup in Boston. She is a nationally recognized HIPAA security and privacy expert, and a frequent speaker and author on these topics. 

    Why I'm part of VPAC: Visual privacy is a major issue in healthcare, although it's often downplayed. I hope to bring insights to the VPAC, and take away new approaches and technologies to help improve the visual privacy of personal health information.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。


  • Michael C. McNeil

    Michael C. McNeil

    公司名稱:Philips 醫療保健事業部門

    簡歷:A noted privacy and security expert, Michael C. McNeil1 leads the Global Product Security & Services organization at Philips Healthcare. In this capacity, McNeil leads the global privacy, security and data protection program for the company. He is also a frequent speaker at privacy and security conferences around the world.

  • 註解1:上述可視隱私顧問委員會(VPAC)成員們接受來自3M公司的贊助款以執行資料防窺議題相關內容。

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