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Take the next step to protect your investment and have Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series (available in clear or matte) installed on your car today. Our clear bra, an 8-mil-thick film tirelessly protects your paint against chips, scratches, stains and the elements. 3M paint protection film is durable, maintenance free and backed by a 10 year warranty. Get clear bra professionally installed to the high-impact, vulnerable areas of your vehicle or customize your glossy car paint with a matte paint protection film.

The 3M network of clear bra installers offers trusted product performance and professional car paint protection film installation. Installers are categorized in tiers based on their level of knowledge installing 3M paint protection film to provide you the best customer experience. Find a 3M clear bra installer near you.

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    3M’s paint protection films are designed to protect your car against the elements and are professionally applied by a paint protection film installer.

Where can I put paint protection film on my vehicle?

Paint protection film (clear bra) can be applied to your whole vehicle. Click on the red dots to see common application areas. Or, give your car a whole new look with a full matte paint protection film wrap.

Full Hood

Protect from chips, stains and bug acid

Leading Hood Edge

Protect from chips, stains and bug acid


Protect from chips and stains

Fender Panels

Protect from chips and stains

Rocker Panels

Protect from chips and stains

Painted Side Mirrors

Protect from scratches and stains

Door Handle Cavities

Protect from key and jewelry scratches

Door Edges

Protect from contact with other parked vehicles

Trunk Ledge

Protect from damage caused by loading items in your trunk

Looking to activate your warranty?

Our commitment to quality is the foundation for the paint protection film warranty we provide. 3M designs, develops and manufactures paint protection film for optimum performance, durability and provides up to a ten year warranty.

Ask a 3M PPF Expert

Need help finding the right product for your project? Have a technical question or need application support? We’re here to help.

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    *3M warrants that applied Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series will be free of defects in materials and manufacture – including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking - for ten (10) years from date of purchase.

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