• Click on the Account icon and Sign In button which is available in the upper right area on all Supplier Direct pages. The secured applications will appear after Sign In within their respective categories/pages, provided you have been granted access to one or more of them. You can also find them under Quick Links on the right-hand side of the pages.

  • Contact your 3M representative for more information and instructions regarding access to secured applications and/or information.

  • Over the past few years 3M has taken additional pro-active security measures to protect against improper access to 3M systems and data. We initially implemented "MFA" (Multi-Factor Authentication). The most recent implementation has been the requirement that users change their password every 90 days. This has caused log-in issues and confusion.

    If/when you run into any issues logging into IPM through our Supplier Direct website, or you simply need a password reset, please follow these steps:

    1. Call the 3M IT Help Desk at +1 (651) 733-2000 (available 24x7)
    2. Identify yourself as an EXTERNAL user.
    3. Provide your system User Name.
    4. Describe your problem and/or request a password reset.

    Our Help Desk representatives are the only individuals who can complete password resets, as well as MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) setups and updates.

  • This is probably due to the browser you are using. Currently, 3M ERP supports the browser MS Edge Chromium. If you are using other types of browsers, please note that 3M ERP may run with some missing functionality. We strongly recommend you use the MS Edge Chromium browser to access the 3M ERP.